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Metal Finishing  - Aerospace, Defence, Engineering

Founded in 1947, Amfin has established an enviable reputation as a professional and accomplished metal finishing company. We serve customers in a diverse range of industries including Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Automotive, General and Specialist Engineering. The newly established Hinckley site benefits from a state of the art surface treatments facility, which is key to our success and excellent working relationship with many of our worldwide customers.

Lead-time Optimisation

We provide over forty finishing operations in our facility ensuring we maximise efficiency, reduce costs and minimise all important lead times. This technical capability is important as we work with some of the worlds leading aerospace manufacturers.

Multiple Processing Shops - One Site

The benefits to you of the combination of five processing shops on one site: Plating, Anodizing treatments, Painting, Non-destructive Testing and Plasma Spraying, offer benefits to our customers of minimising all important lead times and transport costs and delays. Parts requiring multiple treatments can be easily moved between adjacent shops on our site, avoiding costly and time consuming transfers between different single process suppliers. We can also manage subcontractors for any processes that are not provided in house.

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Services and Processes

Quality planning starting at the receipt of your order is of upmost importance to Amfin with complete individual customer service in designing a process route to meet your particular requirements. We provide a expertly managed from initial enquiry through to completion of finishing and inspection process requirements. We have invested heavily in the continuous updating of our extensive processing facilities and systems to provide a wide range of many different services.

High quality plant and equipment enable a comprehensive range of processes for coatings and inspection to be offered, such as Plasma Spraying, Anodising, Electroplating, Painting and Non-destructive testing. In addition to the latest equipment, these processes are complemented by our experienced and highly skilled employees who undertake technically demanding processes manually. The diversity of materials that coatings can be applied to is extensive: including Light Alloy, Steel, Titanium, Nickel based super alloys and exotic metals.

Comprehensive laboratory facilities combining skilled personnel and the latest technology enable us to offer you metallographic testing and inspection using reliable and proven methods, including XRF – X-Ray Fluorescent testing.

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