Aerospace and Industrial Surface Treatments

Bonding & Assembly


  • NBA: Nickel Based Alloys
  • MA: Magnesium Alloys
  • AA: Aluminium Alloys
  • TA: Titanium Alloys
  • LAS: Low Alloy Steels
  • CBA: Copper based alloys
  • CRS: Corrosion Resistant Steels
  • Com: Composites
  • Length: Working Tank Length (mm)
  • Width: Working Tank Width (mm)
  • Depth: Working Solution Depth (mm)
  • Lifting: Manual/Aided Lifting (+SWL) Kg
  • M: Manual
Processes & Services Materials Amfin Can Process Tank Sizes
NBA MA AA TA LAS CBA CRS Com Length Width Depth Lifting
Bonding & Assembly
01. Adhesive Bonding                        
02. Two Part Hot Curing Epoxide Paste Adhesive                        
03. One Part Cold Curing Silicone Rubber Adhesive                        
04. One Part Hot Curing Epoxide Film Adhesive                        
05. One Part Hot Curing Epoxide Supported Film Adhesive                        
06. One Part Hot Curing Epoxide Unsupported Film Adhesive                        
07. One Part Hot Curing Polyimide Paste Adhesive & Primer                        
08. Application of Filling Sealing & Caulking Compounds                        
09. Two Part Heat Curing Epoxide Resin System                        
10. One Part Cold Curing Silicone Rubber                        
11. Organic Based Attrition Coatings                        
12. Application of Carbon/Epoxy Resin Attrition Coating                        
13. Talc Filled Attrition Coating NML46                        
14. Application of Ceramic Thermal Insulation Materials