Aerospace and Industrial Surface Treatments

Detailed process audits of aerospace manufacturing companies

Aerospace Non Destructive TestingAfter several months of hard work, Amfin are pleased to announce all building work and plant installation to prepare the new Hinckley facility is complete. Several construction teams delivered, ahead of schedule, to exacting standards set by planning authorities and the Environmental Agency.

Re-development has not been restricted to buildings and plant. Rolls Royce PLC, Goodrich and Messier Bugatti Dowty have undertaken detailed process audits with approvals granted from all three aerospace manufacturing companies. Amfin operations are now progressively migrating new and old parts into the new facility. Regular communication with OEM’s and customers continues to ensure our processer meet market demand.

As part of our integration service Amfin will manage customer parts through approved vendors on a subcontract  basis, including treatments that are not currently available in-house. The investment made in developing our subcontract service will continue as successful vendor relationships form part of the overall integration strategy of providing all encompassing treatments service.

Amfin's reconstruction is near completion with closure of fire damaged Nuneaton facility. Three miles separate the old and new site and fortunately Amfin have retained all employees. A new automated processing plant combined with our experienced skilled employees will ensure hat we provide the highest level of service to our customers.

The entire Amfin team is focused on working cohesively with our OEM’s and you, our customers to recover our services as quickly as time will allow.


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